Petrophysical Services

Full Waveform Sonic Interpretation

Petrophysical Services, Full Waveform Sonic log

Routine & Special Core Analysis

Core Aanalysis, Petrophysical Services

Operational Petrophysics

Petrophysical Services

Formation Evaluation

Petrophysical Services, Formation Evaluation

NMR Processing & Interpretation

Petrophysical Services, NMR log

Borehole Images Processing & Interpretation

Petrophysical Services, Borehole Image log


Petrophysical Services, Formation Evaluation, NMR log, Full Waveform Sonic log, Borehole Image log


Independent Consultants specialising in project orientated work, including operations & studies.
Difficult or "impossible" jobs preferred. Also Specialist Petrophysical Training.
Consistent & high standards with documentation to meet any Audit requirements.
Confidentiality assured.