Petrophysical Services

Full Waveform Sonic Interpretation

Full Waveform Sonic Interpretation

  • Job design and planning to measure monopole P&S, dipole Shear, Stoneley wave slowness
  • Real-Time Programme Supervision, QA/QC
  • Processing: Inspect individual waveforms and exclude bad receivers
  • Time average, depth average, or frequency filters
  • Create slowness time coherence semblance log
  • Picking/labeling coherence maxima. Iterative process using guide log.
  • Dipole dispersion correction
  • Travel times from transmitter/receiver slowness log




10 December 2005


Petrophysical Services, Full Waveform Sonic log


Independent Consultants specialising in project orientated work, including operations & studies.
Difficult or "impossible" jobs preferred. Also Specialist Petrophysical Training.
Consistent & high standards with documentation to meet any Audit requirements.
Confidentiality assured.