Petrophysical Services

Formation Evaluation

Formation Evaluation

  • Log Data Loading and Preparation (include digitizing, depth shifting, environmental corrections and etc.,)
  • Full Interpretation of Full Suite logs with DETERMINISTIC & PROBABILIST Methods
  • Core calibrated/validated porosity, saturation and permeability
  • Saturation Model height functions “SHF”, log or core based (drainage and imbibition Pc)
  • Permeability Prediction
  • Water breakthrough identification in producer and observation wells
  • Fluid Contacts
  • Fluid Type Identification
  • Water/Gas Entry
  • Production/Injection Profiles
  • Uncertainty Analysis (Monte-Carlo)




10 December 2005


Petrophysical Services, Formation Evaluation


Independent Consultants specialising in project orientated work, including operations & studies.
Difficult or "impossible" jobs preferred. Also Specialist Petrophysical Training.
Consistent & high standards with documentation to meet any Audit requirements.
Confidentiality assured.